The Copeland Center, founded By Mary Ellen Copeland, definition is:  "The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) Is A Personalized Wellness And Recovery System Born Out Of And Rooted In The Principle Of Self-Determination. " 

So Yes, this means YOUR  WRAP is a plan created by YOU with a little help and support from Auspicious Fish.  

We will work with YOU fill your Wellness Toolbox with techniques that are chosen by you to help you feel better.  

We'll show you how to build a plan that You put into practice to feel better and be better every day.

YES, it'll even work on those Tsunami Type Days when the weather gets rough because there's place in the plan for that too!  

Those days will alway come around, but we can teach you how to recognize your Triggers and how to deal with them.  

Because the flying fish will always land back in the water.