We're bombarded constantly by media. 

We designed technology to make our lives easier and entertain us.

We ended up with a situation that steals our peace and invades the recesses of our mind, particularly at night when we should be resting.


You can take back control of your thoughts and racing mind, but it takes work... or uhm non-work!  The key is in the m&m's.

No, not the chocolate candies, though sometimes they help. (smile) I"m referring to Mindfulness & Meditation.  

The words are batted around often these days.  But what is the difference really?  

And how do you know if you're doing one or the other?  

MUSE, the brain wave sensing headband by Interaxon can answer that for you.  The Muse technology gives an instant readout result, much like a heart monitor would.  It can tell you when (and how long) your brain is in an active state, a neutral state, and calm.  Even seasoned meditators haven't had access to their own results and tracking in the way the MUSE technology gives us.  

With Muse and a few minutes of your time, we can give you an inside view of what's happening in your mind by revealing your brain wave activity.  AND we can give it to you in a way that allows YOU to track your progress and target your training to increase skills. 

How does it work?  Well you can watch the demo on their website but we'll give you a hint- it's painless, completely safe, and more comfortable than you might think.  Your results are your results- we don't see them unless you want assistance in interpreting them.  The  free app and bluetooth capability means you get your own individual account that is accessed by you whenever and where ever you like.  

Want to know more?  You  can contact us to arrange a trial session or catch us at a local event where we offer a free session. 

Interested in owning your own MUSE?  We are proud to be an official part of the Muse Professional Program and offer special pricing.  Contact us to find out details.