I wish we could always be at ease.  Perhaps not Happy Happy Joy Joy all the time, because that isn't reasonable, maybe just in a state of calm.  

But that isn't how we learn.  We gain character traits the way we gain our physical muscles- by having to work at it.  

This is Mother Nature at work in the world.   A part of the natural order of things.  

If you look at any attractive body of water you'll find there are different depths.  There are changes that cause movement.  Maybe there are blooming, pretty plants and maybe there are friends that pop in, but even they don't stay in one place in a pond.  

Unchanging waters stagnate.  Stagnate water stinks!  Stagnate water breeds bad things- like mosquitoes among other things. 

If you've  never spent time on a reef, well, then you need a VACATION!  

Seriously, a reef can teach you alot about life.  And maybe I'll go into that on another day, but for today I have one point about that-

Any exotic place of magnificence will have it's dangers!  In order to experience them we have to accept a certain amount of risk.

On a reef, fire coral is one of them.  But oh to see the brightly colored tropical fish, the intricate brain coral!  To float along, a part of the dream.  You have to find the courage to dive down.

So here's something you can try- the next time you need to build your courage muscle.  You can do it any time during the day, or even several times during the day, but morning- within the first cup of whatever- works the best.


Stand with feet together.  Legs are straight, knees are not locked.   Hands are at your sides.

Begin your inhale, with palms up, slowly raise your arms out to your sides. Stop halfway ('T' position) and take a moment to focus on your breath, exhale pushing the breath through your lips as if blowing a balloon.  Hands should be fully extended and open, flat, with palms up. 

Next. as you Inhale, continue lifting arms overhead, keeping palms flat. allow your chin to raise as much as is comfortable.  Your hands will meet in prayer fashion over your head.  Exhale and take the next breath, focusing on standing tall, think of your body as an antenna stretching toward the heavens.

When you are ready, allow yourself to gently shift your weight to your right side and gently step out with the left foot.  

Gently position your body  Feet should be about shoulder width apart.  Toes pointing outward as much as comfortable - about 45 degrees.  

With hands still in prayer fashion, focus on aligning your body, be as tall as you can.  Then slowly allow fingers to seperate,  hands fold back with fingertips pointing ourward in line with your toes.  Palms will be up, open and flat.  Your body will resemble an X (with serif).

In this position, be thoughtful of what you desire.  Accept that the Universe and the people who truly care for you, want to support you in positive actions.  Your open palms will receive the positive energy and strength sent to you.  

When you are ready, gently bend elbows and allow your hands to come together- be mindful that you hold the gifted energy  in your hands.  Hold it cupped, gently bringing it down to your solar plexis (naval area) and hold it to you, cherishing the gift of support.

Dubious?  Sound a bit woo woo?   

It's easy, the focused movement and breath brings a state of calming.  The gentle stretching brings a feeling of peace, and the large, open stance sends a message to your system to increase testosterone production.  Yes, we all produce testosterone no matter what sex we are, and it plays the same role- supporting muscle function and hormone production.  We won't go into all the details here. 

Does that mean it's a trick?

Uhm, yeah.  It's a pretty darn nice one too!  It doesn't negate the idea of the Universe supporting you.  In fact- quite the opposite!  It's proof that you are built to accept the support.  It's there when you need it, all you have to do is open yourself up to trigger it.

  How's that feel?