Sooo that happened!

 On Dec 21st,  the Fish ventured into the slightly unchartered waters of BLAB, which is well.... hard to describe but sort of like a public video chat that flows between up to 4 people.  Or like having your own talk show!

Sort of like Periscope, BLAB accounts are associated through Twitter.  It's still in BETA stage, so none of us really know how to do this flawlessly.  But that's part of the beauty of it and living in the Disruptive Age. There aren't really any experts on this yet. 

These sessions can be recorded so I hope you'll find time to check it out, but I'm really hoping you will join us live on BLAB.  

 I'll be scheduling the video chats on Tuesday about once a month, the time may vary but for now we'll go for 9 pm Eastern Time.  Look for us @AFishinc