I prefer the bush above to Rose bushes.  Not that I don’t love roses, but they are so much more difficult to maintain down here in the South Florida humidity.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

That’s the common name for the bush.  The flowers start out as the deep purple and gently fade each day to the lavendar then the white before they drop away and lie under the shade of the leaves.  There on the ground they become translucent with the passing of time

Much like our memories.

We are often distressed by the idea that we keep building up a life and then poof, it falls down.  Maybe it seems like picking up pieces and re-building is what you do most of.   And when you think that way, it feels like failure.

Your life isn’t the one perfect rose that was nurtured and coddeled into blooming.

Your LIFE is the Bush

Your LIFE, and my LIFE are the constant nurturing and blooming of our self and souls.  And it’s even the branches that need to be pruned back on occasion. 

 It’s also the dormant season of rest, when not much seems to be happening on the surface.

People tend to be impatient with the dormant season.   We don’t see the leaves or flowers and we long for at least the buds that promise beauty and progress will come.  

But we should remember that under the soil, life and growth are still happening.

In the dark is where the roots grow. This is where we seek what nourishes us. We work our way around the rocky areas to those spaces that can support us. Even in the light, the greener growth of trunk and stem are hardening becoming the older wood and the strength built will act as support for that next new growth spurt. These times may not be comfortable or pleasant, but they are a part of the cycle.

Don’t fear the quiet, dormant times.  

Stop believing life has to always be a riot of blooms too. 

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