Of course happiness is such a difficult factor to measure that I doubt science will be measuring this anytime soon- BUT THEY SHOULD.

Here’s my point of view- when you are in the zone, deeply In JOY with the movement and practice, you put more effort into the movement, thus more calories get burned during the overall workout.  

Maybe that’s an answer for you

My morning starts with a yoga/meditation session but like a bazillion other people, my work requires sitting or at least maintaining in one place for an hour or so at a time.  Somedays I can almost feel the junk dropping out of my bloodstream onto the artery walls as the circulation slows to barely a current.

So yes,  I run, I cycle, I swim and I even pump it up on occasion.  But I’m not so into the WORK of working out, even though I love being active and outdoors.   For years I was more of the Mark Twain school of Exercise and often took a nap until the urge passed.  But times change and so did my attitude.  

 The WORK of working out, wasn’t working out for me.

After our family suffered several tragedies, and I had spent years by bedsides supporting others, I had to get serious about restoring my health.  Over the years I tried a thousand different routines from books, videos, local classes, you name it.  

All this knowledge and time wasn’t wasted, I learned which ones brought an increase in mood and worked for my body as well.  

Think CROSS FIT for the soul, not just the body. 

So no, I don’t ‘Work Out’ anymore.  I do ‘movement oriented activities’, outdoors of course when I can.  Instead of trying to build a body for others,  I focus on being a healthy me and finding those opportunites that increase my Confidence and allow me to be Joyful,  ones that make me can’t wait until it’s ……ZUMBA Day!