Some of us are Visual creatures and have to read the directions in print or watch a demonstration to grasp a task and carry it out. 

Others are more Tactile, prefering to be coached through a manual exercise.  It’s through their muscle/mind interaction that they best grasp the content.

Audio inclinedable to process information through auditory systems better than the visual or tactile.  

I find these individuals facinating.  They hear instructions and are able to use the information in a way that allows them to complete tasks more efficiently than reading instructions. 

If I had to rely on just auditory instructions, I would be lost.... about as lost as many Audio Learners are in most classroom settings. 

Standard learning environments rely on printed materials for lesson instructions or have the ‘let’s watch the vide’ moments which is fine for many people.  And this is where we can see the differences in learning styles.  The tactile learners might tend to doodle cartoons, and the auditory learners appear to be dozing.  

Like Most of us, I don’t use just one input method.  Generally we tend toward a dominant inclnation to absorb the information, and then employ a complimentary blend of other two types to solidify the knowledge.  

Trouble comes up when you have an Audio/Tactile learner. 

These are the ones who seem to be doing everything but paying attention to the books, the board, or the pie charts.  Usually I see the end result of the situations, where everyone has ended up frustrated and not feeling so good about themselves.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

It isn’t easy being a bit different, or needing things in a different way.  But there are ways around it.  These days, ultra fast moving technology changes on a daily basis.  Our  ability to vary information output to optimize individual ability to incorporate the input is growing by the moment.

(Blink) Well that sounds technical, and boring (Yawn).  

Believe me, the only boring thing about this is that sentence.  


It’s also why YouTube and other video apps are so popular now.  

We’re moving away from a reliance on printed materials to visual presentations. Away from static lecturing to moving, streaming audio. For those people who were at a visual disadvantage due to reading issues, the world is opening up!   Mobile apps are broadening this horizon daily. 

When you’re in the driver’s seat, what becomes possible for you?

What are you struggling around, how can we support you?

if you know or see someone struggling, we hope you’ll throw them a line!  In rough waters, Auspicious Fish is just a click or a call away.  

Photo courtesy of Pexel