What Would Happen if their awful acts brought out the best in US?

What could that look like for us, and for the families in pain and sorrow?

Terrorist are called that for a reason, they expect to trigger a strong reacton.

We could be angry.  Most of us are.  That’s understandable.  

But it’s the easy reaction and can lead us to thinking we are powerless in this.

But oh we are not.  We are in fact more powerful than ever. 

What could happen if we put aside the negative feelings and did something positively powerful instead?

What if we started a chain of support that turned out to be unbreakable?

What if we could lend strength to those who need our support today and help them stand strong?

What if we started by sending love and support to the families affected by the acts of violence?

Let’s Find Out.  

Add your message to the bottle and pass it on.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay