Welcome To The Longest Day of Your Year!

Now the question is, what are you going to do with it?

On the one hand, it’s kind of unfair really

Why would we want to celebrate the longest Monday?

We’re supposed to loathe Mondays!

But if we look at it another way…

Monday is pretty much the start of the work week,

June is the mid point in the year

and well, Full Moons are just a good justification to try something new!

In case you needed another reason to honor the day, 

Our Ancestors used the moon phases as a signal it was time for an action.

This moon, for instance, is also known as the Strawberry Moon,

Which meant it was time to gather in the ripe fruit of their labors.

So instead of a time half gone mentality,

Let’s celebrate where you are now,

And prepare to move into the dream of where you could be!


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photo courtesy of Pixabay