I hope you celebrate your freedom with gusto today!

Will you embrace the freedom to be your Best Possible Self? 

Do you revel in the openness of possibility?

Are thinking of tomorrow’s exploration with a sense of exhilaration?

Have you celebrated and shared your discoveries so far?

If Not……

 When will you bring these cherished gifts to your life?

Will there be a day when you share these inner wonders of you with the world?

First You Will Have To…

Let go… Yes, you will have to let go of the idea that you are bound by others.

So often I hear clients say they have these goals and feel pulls in directions that they just can’t get to because of the others in their life.

You love your family and friends unconditionally, but if you don’t let them know YOU and YOUR DREAMS, how can they be of support?

Release Your Excuses

Of course you have commitments to your family.  Of course you want to be there for your friends. Of course you want to earn a living, be a good worker, a pillar of your community, an upstanding member of…..

Can You See Where This is Going?

How long is your list of HAVE TO’S?  When You Start Listing the Limitations You Have On You, Your Time, Your Life,

You Have Given Up Your Freedom

Your family didn’t take it, your career didn’t infringe on it, your community didn’t force it from you. (not legally anyway!) You gave it.  

I know,  I hear you.  What else were you supposed to do? Everyone around you has needs and it falls to you to fill them, some of them anyway.  More for this person, less often for that, but still it keeps happening. 

Realize Your Responsibility

Yes, You are responsible for the jail you have created because you kept quietly suffering and juggling the needs of others against your own.  Honey you’re getting nowhere but burned out like this.  

Realizing Your Personal Responsibility and where it lies doesn’t mean abandoning the people you love.  

It does mean you will have to spend some quality time with yourself.  Time figuring out what exactly are your values?  What do you wants?  What do you need for yourself and the others in your life. What strengths do you already have and how can you use those?  What are skills you might need to develop to be successful?  It means figuring out if you are willing to do all the things necessary, the easy and the hard. 

Accepting this isn’t losing, it means gaining ….. Freedom

When you accept that you alone are responsible for following your path.  You also realize you are responsible for the outcome of that path.  If in your heart you want to be an acrobat, but you value your family and you need to pay bills, yes that’s a tough one. Yet other people have don it.  Maybe there are ways to incorporate it into your life now. 

You don’t have to drop your family to run off and join the circus. Chances are, they know you have a dream or two.   Maybe they want to come with you! Maybe they’ve been ready, and are just waiting on you.  Waiting for you to finish that epic battle within yourself. 

What Does That Look Like?           Being Free ?

Not sure?  Want help exploring that?  We’re can help with that.  Give us a call or drop a line to info@auspiciousfish.com to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.