We have not used any Yahoo Service in conjunction with client information.

We would wish the Yahoo breach hadn't happened but our client information was not affected.  

We remain committed to protecting your privacy to the best of our abilty.

Here are the steps we take

  1.   Our website is SSL Protected  that little lock up in the left corner of the browser shows your connection to our site is encryption protected

  2.  Each client is assigned a specific coded identity at enrollment and all client session information is retained under that code

  3. We use PayPal for all online transactions, limiting the information we need to retain about you.

  4. Our client email transactions and other administrative transactions use separate email accounts

  5. We have taken the extra step in organizing Auspicious Fish as a legal, federally registered Corporation of the United States

  6. We're a member of the Better Business Bureau and work to insure we stay up to date on concerns and retain our integrity

  7. And if you think any communication or social media bits from us are a bit fishy?  Well, we have gone even further- Auspicious Fish® is Trademarked.  Yes, we're a little round around our R.  Our name (regardless of what font/how it appears) is now a federally registered trademark belonging to Auspicious Fish, Inc. and any fraudulent use of our name is a federal offense, not to mention, a moral offense. 

If You have any concerns at any time, please know you can call us.  As a small business we're not always available to take a call but we will call back if you leave a message.