Hormonal changes for either sex can have surprising Vocal results.  

Puberty changes all of our voices, and some instances are more amusing than others usually for the family of pre-teen boys, but older adults (like women undergoing menopause) can be the victim of these changes as well.  They can be surprising, dismaying and can even cause rifts in relationships, when our voice says something different than we mean. 

Even Wellness Professionals (such as myself) are not immune to Life Changes a body goes through.  

The difference is we can quickly find ways to work through a challenge.  It isn't just the pitch nor timber which can be effected, but some (like myself) even experience the occasional hitch in inflection! 

The sound of a voice of a loved one is often enough to bring comfort in the hardest of times.  

The song from the lips of a friend can make our hearts soar, yet when vocal changes happen, surprising twists can pop out in a conversation.  A wrong pitch, or inflection  can result in a wrong emphasis, changing the feeling or intent-in the sentence, perhaps even implying an attitude which doesn't exist.  

Suddently, the voice which soothed can cause the cut!  

This can be harmful in professional situations or general conversations with people who don't know the speaker.   The uncontrolled vocal change can suddenly alter that all important first impression.   When it causes rifts in working relationships, both parties can be left frustrated,  wondering what went awry and leaving the speaker depressed over a situation seemingly out of control. 

The good news is that it isn't something one has to suffer on their own. 

A Google search will show a plethora of information out there on the benefits of hormone therapy for either sex.  But there are less invasive ways.  The vocal cords are in fact pretty much identical to vaginal tissue, both of which can benefit from exercise, diet and of course hydration, hydration.    

I would also recommend contacting a professional provider.  You might find a Ear/Nose/Throat doctor with experience in this area of concern, but a Speech Therapist can offer a helpful consultation. 

Another alternative could be to work with Voice Instructor who can help explore vocal exercises which can help limber up those stiffening vocal cords and work with the physical aspects of chest expansion that might happen.  For those who love to sing, this situation can be a particularly devastating problem which professional such as the VoiceTeacher.comare working to combat. 

Interested in talking more about this?  Need more support around this or another vexing life challenge?  Drop us a comment, hit the button to leave us a line - we'd love to work with you!