Yes, We did get a little round around the 'R'!


You might also have noticed we stayed in our holiday duds a little longer than usual after New Years 

No, it isn't due to horrible holiday weight gain, not even too much holiday cheer keeping our head under the pillow

It's because ...



We received the official, federal trademark designation!!! WooHoo

Yep, no more abscure TM or SM for us (even sounds painful doesn't it?)


Auspicious Fish is now officially a registered trademark of Auspicious Fish, Inc.


It's True

The extra step of registering a trademark isn't necessary to be a good coach, neither was formal incorporation.  

Sure we could have LLC'd - and nothing against those that do- but we felt it was important to go that extra mile for our clients.  Because integrity does matter when you're as passionate about serving as we are.  

We hope you'll join us in celebrating! 

PS our lovely logo is covered under our Copywright claim,

For use as a template for tatoos or otherwise, please contact us at  - we can talk about it