Kindness is a concept we can all get behind.  

Today we join Lady Gaga and the Born This Way Foundation in supporting the spread of Kindness through the #KickOffForKindness campaign.    

A smile is a gift everyone can afford to share and it has the potential to grow in wealth, rather than diminish!  And face it, we'd all like to be a bit wealthier- in the ways that matter.  

We're encouraging everyone to support the conversations that help us come together - not drive us apart.  

We hope you too will join in finding those moments today to show a little kindness to those around you.

Don't forget to be a little kinder to yourself as well.   And if that little voice in your head starts the lecture... you know the one that takes the wind out of your sails,  well you know help is only a click away.  We can help you find the inner voice that helps support.