When we say we're going to talk about CREATIVITY people think of the Fine Arts. 

They expect conversations around Leonardo's Mona Lisa, and they won't be surprised by the mention of Steve Jobs, both monumental figures who changed the world with their ideas.  And we just did, mention them because those are some brains that deserve a nod.

But there's a whole other side to creativity that's just as important!

During this annual Brain Awareness Week, we wanted to focus on the creative abilities of our beautiful brains,  and sure we're looking at the arts and ideas that shifted our shapes over the course of civilization, but we also wanted to recognize the quiet heroes.  Those who have the uncanny ability to solve the every day problems that would make many of us want to stay under the pillow come morning.

We'll call it the Fine Art of meeting an obstacle and excelling anyway!

There are millions of people around the world who suffer a brain disorder or injury. Some were unfortunate enough to have gained the condition through an accident or war service, others were simply born with it.  Either way, you would be hard pressed to find folks who are more creative than the ones who live neurological challenges. 

Want to talk about creative, new ways to solve old problems?  These are the people who always have to think outside the box for their solutions.  

Brain conditions can affect the intellect- and yet at times, there might be no outward physical symptoms- the reverse can also be true.  Neurological conditions can affect the motor abilities yet leave the mind fully functioning intellectually, the soul fully capable of dreaming, and emotionally vulnerable when excluded from a life they could be participating in.    

One of the biggest problems has only one solution- Inclusion.  

The problem of course is folks judging capacities on the appearance of physical limitations.  Stephen Hawking might be one of the most famous examples but he isn't the only one.   There's nothing wrong with not knowing when you meet someone of differing abilities, but we can take time to get to know the person and make sure those families are included in community events.  If we put our brains to work, we can find ways for everyone to enjoy the activities. 

 This month we had the privilege of joining other community organizations and the village of Palmetto Bay in showing support and raising awareness of families affected by Cerebral Palsy.  

We want to give a special shout out to our dynamic duo below (Cary & Ekat) who gave up their Saturday to be on our fishin' team and represent in the 2017 Run, Walk, Stroll 2K for CP!   

We're looking for more stories to share, or if you know of a Wellness event we might be interested in, let us know at info@auspiciousfish.com or give us a comment below.