The Vernal Equinox came and went

We can say so long to Lent

The Easter Bunny has come and gone

Passover... well not completely passed, but it's not long


Spring is a joyful time that invites us to stop and smell the flowers, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  

But we mustn't forget about our own inner beauty!

So on this day of the Egg as it were, we invite you to seek for the gift within.

Try this exercise to help you unlock the treasure

Get Comfortable and close your eyes, after you've read this!

Focus on drawing deep breaths in through the nose from deep in your abdomen, slowly filling through your chest.  Exhale through the nose for the first 3 of these breaths.

Now, continue drawing the deep breaths but exhale through the mouth.  Do this for 3 breaths,

Continue the deep inhalations, but now you will purse the lips and forcing the air out on exhaling, as if you're blowing up a balloon.  Do this for 3 breaths

Now we'll add a little muscles contraction/relaxation to the mix

For the next breaths (yes 3) - on inhale, clench both hands into tight fists and hold to the count of 3-5, whichever is comfortable for you.  Match the relaxation of the tension to your breath exhalation, pausing at the end to enjoy the feeling and repeat as needed.  

You can add other body parts to this if needed but we don't really need to 'go deep' to get where we're going.

Now that you've reached a stage of light relaxation, a semi-trance if you will, we shall start the imagery part of the exercise

As you open your 'mental eyes', you notice you find yourself in a lush field of grass.  The sky is a beautiful blue overhead.  The sun is warm, but not too much so.  A light breeze wafts past, bringing enough cool freshness to keep you comfortable.  You know somehow that nothing in this field will bring you harm.  That you may enjoy the sweet scent of grass and the spring flowers which have burst forth in keeping with the season.  Perhaps butterflies are visiting the buttercups.  Maybe wild roses are scenting the air with their perfume.

You notice the lilies lean gently with the breeze and this draws your attention just slightly off to your right where the grass being gently blown around something.  You stroll over to investigate and what you find, is a beautifully decorated egg!  Yes, an egg, not a real one no.  

Gently you pick it up, and though it’s perhaps the size of an ostrich egg, you realize there is no chick in here.  You examine the decorations on the egg and you understand this egg is decorated with your favorite colors and a design that was meant for you.

As you turn it over in your hands, you come upon a small hinge and now you can see there’s a small latch on the center that will open the egg.  

Even before you unlatch it, you understand inside you will find a precious gift.  This is a gift you are giving yourself.  As you open the egg, you find a small object which represents a skill, a trait, perhaps an idea that you have not yet fully explored in yourself.   Take a few moments to enjoy this object.  Consider what it would mean to have this as a part of your life.  What would it mean to put it back into the egg and latch it up?   What will you do? 

When you are ready to return to the here and now.  Cup the egg and object in your hands, close your ‘mental eyes’ and breathe deeply.  Feel your chest swell and expand with the breath.  Gently blow the breath out through lips and on the 3rd exhale, purse your lips on the exhale, blowing a gentle kiss goodbye to the field and the flowers, knowing you will carry your gift with you through the day to examine whenever you like.

Having a bit of trouble envisioning the field?  Or maybe you can't get the egg open.  This can happen for several reasons, and all of them are okay.  The trick is to try again later when you are a bit more relaxed.   Trying to force an object of your intentional creation might be helpful, but it isn't nearly as interesting as working with yourself to get to the big reveal.  

Want a guiding hand to help you through the exercise?  Reach out, we're just a click away