In (eastern) North America, today is the Summer Solstice.  So, of course, we should celebrate that!  

Which obviously got me wondering....

What place do curiosity and exploration have in your life?

Often in life, change is thrust upon us and we have no more control over those changes than we do the revolution of the sun or any other heavenly body for that matter.

But you do have control over your heavenly body.  And summer is the perfect time for that growth work you've been putting off!

Down here in South Florida, we have a summer weather pattern that's pretty set.  As soon as the sun rises, it's hot & sunny.  Then the clouds roll in for the late afternoon thunderstorm and sets us up for a mosquito buzzing, humid sticky evening.... when we're lucky that is.  Otherwise, it just rains incessantly or we get a hurricane. ;-) 

We all have our body clocks and we have our personal calendars too.   Have you noticed yours?

We have seasons where we're more active, others where we are more contemplative.  Mother Nature has her seasons of change of high energy and the slowing to restorative times.  All animals have their seasons, courting and hibernating,  and we humans, well we have ours too.

When I bring this up, people tend to think of Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka SAD.  In winter environments, many people suffer from the lack of sunlight, both physically and mentally.  It doesn't happen to everyone, but some.   For others, the intense light of the summer rays is just too much for them, and whether they even notice it or not, they tend to change their habits to avoid the stronger rays- when they can at least.  

I was a winter baby, as were most of my kids, so summer was a good halfway point.  Over the years, our family cultivated the habit of celebrating this point with a change of expectations.  We used the opportunity to learn new skills, study a new craft and of course explore. 

It's been gratifying to see research support my findings, which is that when we give ourselves the opportunity to explore new areas and approach change with curiosity, we find the change much easier to navigate.

If we approach personal development with a willingness to experiment and allow ourselves to be ok with discarding what doesn't work, we open doors.  

This playful exploration enables us to cast off that isn't helpful and find new ways that might work for us instead.  

And there's an another bonus!

These growth spurts are much more easily sustained!  Even after summer has ended and autumn is on the horizon, we tend to keep these great new habits in place. 

Listen..... we've had rain for the last 4 days and today the sun is out, so you can hear the grass growing.    You could be growing too!

Can I help you with that?

Just reach out and let me know, I'd love to help you on this journey.  

In the meantime, sending warm wishes your way!