As the owner, head coach, chief bottle washer, and everything else of this little biz, it can be tough to stay motivated.  But I do love my work, and I do so enjoy days like today!

Today I get to tell my clients, followers, supporters, that not only have I been granted the full Certification in Wellness Coaching by the Mayo Clinic, I'm eligible and REGISTERED for the first International Certification Exam for Health And Wellness Coaching through ICHWC and the National Board of Medical Examiners!  This September the first round of eligible candidates will be able to sit for this prestigious certification.  Sure, it's a great honor to be included but it's also a step closer to getting insurance coverage for clients who need the additional support. 

And if that isn't enough happy news, 

I've been officially designated as a #WUVIP (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person)! and inducted into the Wellness Universe.  It's another step forward on this journey of Life, living, growing and serving. 

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YOU and all of our clients deserve the best services we can provide and we're committed to providing experiences of excellence!


Being a young company Come on by if you're in the virtual neighborhood.means every day we have to take leaps (yes plural!) forward and continue growing. Whether it's staying abreast of industry standards, participating in continuing education or obtaining additional certifications - we're proud of every bit of ground we've gained, every client we've served and every speck of HOPE we've spread. 

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