So Yes, Microsoft is going to help you get a better night's sleep, but the sheep may not be included. 

If you're not living under a rock, you've heard about the updates to Windows 10.  

Microsoft is rolling out the #Windows10Creator updates!  My computers started updating today, so yes, it caused a glitch here and there.

 Honestly, with 2 computers updating, I'm not sure my modem will survive it!

It might mean headaches for you too, the required updates and restarts aren't as much fun as the new 3DPaint!

---- Not great artistry, but  I admit I couldn't resist a little playtime with it this afternoon and came out with this little fun fish below. 

2D AuspiciousFish

 As much fun as creating 3D was, (and will be in the future) what pleases me most today are the steps forward we're are making in supporting health in the increasing tech society.

Did you know the new Windows10Creatie update includes the #BlueLight reduction option? 

It's not only the night owls among us that suffer.  Screen time at night for most anyone can lengthen the time to sleep.  Anyone with circadian sensitivities is at risk for increased difficulty with insomnia.  

As we age, we can become even more prone to pillow tossing nights if we stay stuck to the screen too late.   

But in comes Microsoft to the rescue with the #NightLight option, basically when you toggle the option on, it will adjust screen color at a certain time of night.   It will be interesting to see how it works for folks. 

But it also got me wondering, 

What other #TuesdayTool do you use to support your wellness?

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