Whether you're a veteran Floridian or an unlucky tourist who is having their vacation of a lifetime ruined,  waking up to find yourself in the path of Mother Natures' Fury,( or any destructive event for that matter)  is a serious challenge to your overall health and welfare.  

Is the news causing you to feel anxious and overwhelmed?  

Then this is the post for you.  Usually one has to sign up for the Weekly Coaching Questions from Auspicious Fish in order to receive these helpful little jewels, but I'm all about helping so I'm going to share this one with everyone today.  

 It's coming to you with a lot of love and positive thoughts!

None of us are living under a rock and we all know what happened in Texas and Louisiana with Hurricane Harvey, and we know Hurricane Irma will likely pass by the home of the Auspicious Fish, here in sunny South Florida.  We also know the news updates will be unrelenting from this moment on.  Ugghh!.  

This constant stream of information sometimes causes more hurt than help.

 Even those of us well experienced in the disaster drills can experience anxiety, confusion and overwhelm.  I have seen even the hardiest of men become paralyzed, unable to choose a next best step, maybe only for a second or two, but it can and does happen to all of us!

Know that this is okay.  We all lock down occasionally, it's the mind's way of protecting itself by saying ENOUGH!

When this starts to happen, It's time to take a few steps and breaths away from the source of the noise.  This post will help you do that.  

Here's What You Can Do-

  • Start with the mantra on the visual- I Am___ I Can___ I Will___

Your Brain believes what you think, and what it hears you say... take my word on this.  Fill in the blanks with positive messages and say it out loud if you can.  Say it whenever you feel the overwhelm or anxiety creeping in!  It can get you back on track even if you feel locked down.   Here's an example below but use whatever wording works for you. 

 "I AM intelligent, I CAN think of ways to keep safe, I WILL choose the best options to stay safe and well. "

You Can Also-

  • Turn off the TV, media, whatever- tune in only when scheduled updates are to be released. 
  • Turn on music, something that will help boost the mood, heck if you can find a comedy show to listen to while you prep, all the better!
  • Team up with friends and neighbors to prep, if you spread the load, more will get done and probably faster.  Now is the time to step next door, share a smile and say a quick hi.
  • Use a checklist to keep you on track. Create your own or find one online
  • Visit the county or city emergency management websites, if you have questions about local shelters or services, now is the time to ask them.    
  • Here's links to the southernmost South Florida County emergency management websites for quick access.





We've got this.  And if you find this email helpful, please feel free to forward it on, share it with friends, and remember, 

Should you need us, we're only a click or call away.  Sending Auspicious Wishes for wellness, Stay safe my friends!