On this 11th day of the year, I am sending out a most Auspicious Wish to arrive (a bit early If you noticed) at a most Auspicious Time!  

It's easy to find virtue in the number 11.  After all, its more than can be counted on the fingers of both of our hands.  It's a prime number divisible only by 1, which sort of is itself.  It mirror like quality makes a doppelganger of itself, as well as every number multiplied by it,  swelling them to become more of itself, a larger reflection of its essence if you will.  

It's not surprising that Eleven has a special spot in numerology as a Master Number.  Often referred to as the Illuminator, the Teacher or the Messenger, it's a not so obvious, but unsurprising choice for the name of the child heroine in  Stranger Things.

It is said that these messengers show up in our lives to act as a guide, an example perhaps, meant to enlighten us.

My wish for you today is to experience such a gift.

Not of monsters from an alternative universe, no of course not,  but  a wish for one to cross you path who imparts a  small kindness today to help guide you as you find your way.