Finding the courage to stand up in front of strangers is ever so much easier than finding the courage to stand out in front of your friends.  That is the courage I wish for you today. 

Within each of us is the inner strength we need to walk our path.  It can be lonely at times.  It can be rocky and yes, even treacherous.  No path is without its twists and turns that hide the unexpected and perhaps even the unwelcome.  Your path is no exception, and neither is another's, though it might seem easier to tread.   

Neither can another tell you how to tread your path.  The speed at which you walk it, the pauses and any rest stops along the way are completely up to you.  Have courage, the path is no one's but your own.  Only you can judge the progress you make on it.  

Yesterday, I sent a wish for a guide, a messenger of sorts to show you some small kindness, I hope that kinds bears you well today.