"As if Monday were not trying enough,

You wish it to be hard?"

Yes, I do wish you the gift of adversity... just a little bit.

It's nice when all is quiet and things go well, but you know..... that's not when we grow.

It might be when we cultivate or refine.  When it's quiet we have the time to take out that quality or talent which is already there.  We might shine it up a bit here, add a dab there.  We have time to alter the environment with considered, measured moves to hone the quality and perhaps even take it to the next level.

But when we are challenged.  Oh, when we are challenged.... it gets dirty.  When we're flung down into the mud through our actions, those of another, or just life in general - that is when we have to figure out where our feet are and often find a new footing quickly. 

That new step often reveals a strength to us, perhaps one we didn't realize was there.  To find a strength within oneself is perhaps one of the greatest gifts one can have.  

So Yes, I do wish you a bit of adversity.