"Stand Up Straight!"

- Mom

Pretty much every mom everywhere has said this on at least one occasion. 

I could count on my mom for this advice, at least once a week.  There were many things my southern mom couldn't or wouldn't abide by, one of those was watching people walk around folding in on themselves.

Maybe it's because as we get older we're more aware we are of the loads we carry in life, physically and mentally. 

Maybe we see in others the burdens we feel emotionally, and moms know how important it is to keep going.   Yes, I am a mom. 

Today's wish is for you to stand tall.

I wish for you the same as I wish for my family.  I wish you the strength and courage to stand tall.  Even when things are going so great and you aren't smelling like a rose. 

Maybe You're in the wrong- That's ok, take responsibility for it and move on. 

Maybe You've been wronged- That's ok too.  That means you loved or you trusted.  

Maybe You failed- Still ok, this means you had the courage to try. You learned.  It won't be the first time and not the last either.  We're all going to be failures at some point... and anyone who tells you different is selling something without a money back guarantee!

I remember when I first read the poem 'IF' by Rudyard Kipling.  I still thank the teacher who made us memorize the verses because they have stood me in good stead over the years.

Today, my wish is that you find the same within you.