'Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you'- Billy Joel

 I wish another to see that what is truly wonderful within you.

Honestly, I do.  I wish them to see it and I wish them to be brave enough to offer that compliment to you.

Billy Joel was right, it is rare.  Like the lyrics of the song say, it's much easier for others to be loving, kind and compassionate than it is, to be honest.   

Anyone who has tried getting an honest opinion out of a friend or family knows what I'm talking about here.  Whether it's business or a personal matter, it's hard to grow when you aren't getting feedback on what's working.  Often we have to go outside of our protective circle of others and risk the opinion of those who don't know us.  Those who don't have a vested interested in our happiness or success. 

It's risky.  But I'm here to help and I do that best when I'm honest.