Flashback to the Year 2017, I made a resolution to lay back a bit more.  Not take everything quite so seriously.  To practice much more of what I preached.  To find a few minutes here and there to really enjoy the gifts I had in my life, either at hand, or close by.  After all, if I can't make this work in my life, how can I help you find a way to make it work in yours. 

I have to say I did pretty well.   


I love this idea and no, I haven't promoted it enough.  If you look for it, you'll find a few of my posts with the tag, the ones that made it on social media, not all of them did,   Anyway, that's changing this year. 

I have a few Resolutions for 2018.

  • The Auspicious Wish Project- step one comes to completion tomorrow, with the final 31st Wish, one for each day of this first month in the year.  Step 2 was to decide on a future schedule for the remainder of the year.   
  • I'll be building on that #FindFive habit I cultivated last year.  It's great to find those moments to appreciate in the now, but those best moments from the past are important too.  This year, I'll be re-living more of those.

Today, I wish you the time to find the quiet in your head and your environment to remember your special moments.