Life has a way of sending Tsunami Waves into life.

Doesn't matter who you are, where you live or what you have.

Misfortune is great at leveling the playing field.  Anyone who was in the path of the wicked weather in 2017 & the Arctic Bomb blast of the first week of 2018 can tell you that.  

So I picked this 9th day of 2018 for a special wish for you.

See if 7 is good, 9 is awesome!  Why?  Well, 3 is the Trinity  and 9 is the product of that. 

 But it gets even better.  When you multiply 2x9... you get 18... add the 1+8.. you get 9

If you then multiply 3x9, you get 27... added together 2+7... you get 9!

Try this again... 3x27...81... add 8+1... you get 9 again.

We could keep going, but the point is the resiliency of the number 9.  And it's with that thought of resiliency that I wish you shelter from the storms life sends to each of us from time to time.