Our time around the table is approaching fast.

Our opportunity to gather with those we love, whether they be family or friends or those special people in our lives who are not one but more than the other and maybe better than both sometimes.

The holidays can be hard. We want so much for each other and from each other. We can be left feeling like expectations haven't been met.

It isn't that we aren't filled with love and gratitude for our lives and those in it- but maybe we struggle bringing that to the table. This can be even harder when we're spiritual people but not so much into a religion.

Seth Godin to the rescue with The Thanksgiving Reader. A guide if you will, to help bring out the feelings you want to share this season.

The PDF is free and you know, you don't have to use all of it.

Choices and Options Take what you like and leave the rest

But know that you leave with our best wishes for a holiday filled with love and warmth, even if it isn't a perfect one.