Welcome to your Weekend!  

You have umpteen tasks to do,  only this short 48 hours of 'time off' to get it all done!  

Yep, the countdown started already, whether you noticed or not. 

It's no wonder there is a prevalence of blinding headaches.  No wonder this graphic style is so popular!  We have so much going on, we're moving in every different direction even when we're sitting still!    

Sometimes a potential Client wants to pin me down and demand to know- do I provide health services or mental health services.  

My response is - "Show me where the one begins and the other ends on your body, and I'll tell you which one I can provide for you "  ;-)   

We know better.

We know our minds and bodies are intertwined, that we are mind, body and soul intertwined in this dance we call life, 

and yet...

We still look to providers to act as if we are not whole human beings. 

We still behave as if an aspirin will take away the pain and the situation that caused the tension that caused the pain.  

You know, a pill can't do all that.  

But Coaching Can.

I can work with you on your diet and motivation to hit your weight goals, but if your emotional stressors trigger headaches that send you running for the chocolate and coffee day after day, this weight struggle will continue.   You might avoid the full blown migraine, but your body is making the cortisol to store that chocolatey sugar- right there on the belly. 

I can teach you the best meditation routines in the world.  I know a few and I even have a super handy app on my phone and a high tech, brain wave sensing headband that can chart your attention, but  all of that isn't going to keep you in a state of peace if your work/home/family/ etc demands keep you in a constant state of push-pull imbalance.  

A good Wellness Coach - yes one like me- helps clients like you look at the whole picture.

When I work together with a client, we can see how the competing values and obligations are affecting the overall wellness.  When we see where you are being held back, we can find ways to help you overcome the obstacles and move forward.  And we can honor what's really important in your life while taking time to care for you. 

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