What is there to know, you might ask.

Well, quite a lot!

For instance, what do you know about Medical Fitness Professionals?

What's that? Well, I'm glad you asked!

We're all familiar with Fitness Professionals, like Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, or Zumba Teachers- (I just love Zumba so I try to get it in where ever possible!) 

And a Medical Fitness Professional might be any one of those, but with additional training in specific medical conditions, chronic illness and/or injury rehabilitation.   A Medical Fitness Professional- like myself- has additional training to be a full contributing player on your medical health and wellness team. 

If you're recovering from or experiencing a challenging health concern or injury, you might be thinking it's time to get serious and get help to reach your wellness goals. 

And your right, you do.  You need, and you deserve, to have a well trained medical fitness professional guide you and help you choose safe, effective services to reach your wellness goals.

Want to know more and find one near you?  Hit the link below and check out the Medical Fitness Network, where you'll find me and more of my story, along with other providers of excellence in your area.