Maybe this has happened to you- your phone rings and a glance at the caller id shows your own name and number. 

Or maybe you've missed a call from a local phone number with someone's name- which you returned, just to find they didn't call you.

Not a big deal, or is it? It is another form of identity theft and not at all funny for small business owners. 

The ability of scammers to spoof - call you and show from another number is another frustrating situation today's tech opened up. Particularly for those professionals in the service industry. 

*** Please know we will never cold call or message you. ***

*We will never share your information or hire another to call or message you on our behalf.

*We return calls made to our number when the caller id shows what appears to be a legitimate name and a local number.

*We call or email those who have contacted us on our website, messaged us through local media or signed up with us at an event.

As the Founder of Auspicious Fish, I have a strong Privacy Policy and we are committed to safeguarding your trust. 

Contact us immediately if anyone reaches out to you pretending to represent Auspicious Fish,  is asking for personal information, payments or is offering false service deals.  All of our remote payments and credit card payments are processed through our PAYPal, we will never ask for any credit card or bank information.

Auspicious Fish is a legally registered trademark in the US and use of it by others is in violation of federal law.  Our logo is also federally protected as a registered copyright.  We reserve all rights.  Stop fraud and report fraud activity. 

Check out this article from the Federal Trade Communications website to find out what you should do, and what you can do to help combat scammer fraud at

And when you've finished that, Take 10!  Minutes that is.  Or at least Find Five. 

Step outside your routine and reset.  Take your mindset back, take a walk outside, close your eyes and listen to your favorite tunes, even find your lotus and meditate for a few.  

Fraud can be frustrating,  but holding on to that emotion isn't helpful to you and only amuses the scammers.