No matter how you might feel about President Trump,  KidneyX  is a project we can all put our support behind and thank him for his!  So  be an angel will ya, and pass on this link to KidneyX


Anyone who has had to go through dialysis or watch a friend/loved one do so understands all too well the flame of hope within us for better treatment alternatives.  

We hope for methods to improve health and overall quality of life for those with kidney disease. 

 Today’s numbers  are 1 in 9 people currently have kidney disease-  and that number will rise.  It might even include you.

This is not a joking matter.  Genetics can play a role, but diabetes and high blood pressure are major causation factors, prevalent in our communities already and those numbers are rising steadily.

Back in December, the Trump administration proposed the project and the Dept of Health and Human Services has put it into motion- a public/private partnership initiative with 4 clear goals-
* Improve kidney donation rates and reduce barriers for transplant recipients
* Improve care through innovation and technology
* Expand understanding of disease progression and treatment of kidney failure in minority populations. 

Mighty oaks come from tiny acorns and there’s no telling where the innovations will come from- BUT actions like this public/private incubator will improve our odds of finding novel ideas. That’s something we can all agree on.

Better answers are out there!  

If you need help finding yours, we’re here and we’d love to talk with you about how our services can help you navigate your challenges to reach your goals.

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