I love summer!  Even though it doesn't officially start for a few weeks yet,  we're already getting steamy in our summer weather patterns down here in South Florida.   And of course, that means we spend time on the beach.  Which is good, with plenty of sunscreen!

But another thing I love about summer is that feeling of freedom hiding down inside each of us.  That small carefree craving we carried over subliminally from childhood that resurfaces around this time every year.  That instinct to feel the sun on our face, the water on our skin and the sand, well one feels that everywhere there's just no nook or cranny safe from that.  In fact, I believe there is a physics theorem covering the ability of sand to in fact be in two places at the same time.   Contrary to all other forms of mass, sand obeys it's own rules, and wet sand, well... I digress. 

The seriousness of the rest of the year eases back as thoughts like these about the mysterious properties of sand rise.  Vacation modes kick in.  Space opens up in our day.  The clouds above invite us to dream a bit more.   As we drift into that summer space in our minds, we can even begin to feel that place where WE are possible.  That place where the I truly exists as you know it should, as you know it does. 

Summer allows us the opportunity to think outside the box.   

It re-opens the attitude of curiosity and experimentation with the threat of failure not quite so dire. 

This is when we can dare to explore our ideas that seem so crazy.... well they just might work!

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