Yes, you did read that right.

Did you know Barbershops are a place of wellness?

It's true, those red and white poles have an association with the health community that goes way back.  Once upon a time, the barber was the jack of all medical and dental services in the absence of a town doctor and they still play an important role in communities today.

So it's no surprise really, what those researchers from Cedars-Sinai found.

Yes, researchers at the Smidt Heart Institue of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center packed up their gear and headed to local African American barber shops to screen men for hypertension.  Those at risk were offered support within the barbershop environment and the results were quite positive.

Are You Surprised?  Frankly, I'm not surprised. 

While this study focused on the African American male population, from my experience, these findings would hold just as true with the male Hispanic community, heck any small town community and just as true for the female community beauty or nail shops too.

The key is that the 'medical stuff' was brought out of the cold clinical climate and into the world of the consumer. 


Research is bearing out what those old country docs and your Grandpa already knew.....

The heart of a community can help the hearts of the community.  

When the consumer is in the driver's seat of their healthcare and enjoys the process, the outcomes improve.  Which is why I use only client-centered programs.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

So now you know what to do for Father's Day, take dad for a shave, and then talk with him about why you want to call us to schedule a coaching conversation.

Uhmm, you mean a double present?

No, not at all.  The first coaching conversation is free, the shave and haircut... welll.......


Why encourage dad to talk with me?  Because great wellness coaches, like me, help our clients develop wellness plans  by adding safe, effective tools like a simple shave and a haircut to their wellness toolbox to reduce the need for medications while improving one's health through lifestyle changes.  

Let's work together with Dad to make a plan to keep him around for many years to come!


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