The thought that anyone could be so unkind to one of our older generations would be enough to make anyone see RED 

but today, we're asking you to wear PURPLE!

Families can't always be there with their loved ones to ensure they are getting the care and attention they deserve, sadly, this puts our golden generation at risk.  This is a situation my own family went through so I know only too well.

Often those elders in our lives are afraid to speak out about the abuse they or a friend might be suffering, fearing they will make matters worse.   

As a community, we can not let this stand.   


"A society will be judged by how it treats it's weakest members"  

Some believe this was said by Mahatma Gandhi, others attribute it to Harry Truman,

either way, it rings true.


The safety of our elderly population is a community responsibility.  Someday, fate willing, we will each face the same situation so it behooves us to speak up now and spread awareness.   

 Join Us

  • Put on Purple to support or golden population. 

  • Be Aware

  • Start the Conversation

  • Report Abuse-  Find out more through the National Center on Elder Abuse

  • Find Out More-

  • LHost an event to promote awareness visit  WEAAD

  • Call Auspicious Fish for a free consultation on how we help the silver generation age well in place through WRAP planning and coaching