Here are those words again!

Patient-Focused Collaborative Efforts Improved Outcomes

These are music to our ears and they should be to yours too.

Sure medical language was confusing enough in the first place, and now..... well now you have to know these too!

Client-Centered Self-Directed Value Oriented

We could almost make a game out of how many times these appear in blog pieces in your feeds—— but it isn't a game. The feds are taking it seriously and so should you.

The future of health care in the USA is moving rapidly to the new model of whole life wellness and with us in charge of our care and medical decisions. As this piece from Health and Human Services we're linking to shows.

Now I know what you’re thinking, the challenge of Sickle Cell may not be one you'll face in your life, but then again....

No matter- -

Our point is to show you will keep seeing these words and practices creep into YOUR Healthcare.

Whether you already have significant challenges with chronic conditions, or are just working to maintain a state of wellness ( and it does take work folks, to avoid all that comes with chronic conditions.

These new directives in healthcare will be in your hands.

So translated, what this means is that you are expected to become a full partner in your health!

No longer will you be along for the ride in the back seat somewhere while your service providers make decisions for you.

That's a lot of responsibility!

Are you ready to become the driving force in your health?

Are you ready to take control of your level of wellness and set your priorities for target challenges?

Most folks aren't ready. Or maybe they feel like they are ready but don't know how.

No worries, that's where we excel. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation and we'll chat about it.