That was 68 Years ago.....

The last time a Supermoon was this bright and this close.  Like your dreams, so close you can almost touch it.

Sixty eight years is pretty much a lifetime for most of us... if we’re lucky. 

But Fortune is smiling on us and on November 13th, the Supermoon will be shining on us.  

It will be another 18 years before a Supermoon this bright, will come this close again.

In a life full of popular media and distractions it’s so easy to get caught up in taking care of today, hoping tomorrow will bring the opportunity, that chance we want so badly.  

But What If?

What If we don't have as many tomorrows as we think we have?  

What if our tomorrow is pretty much like our today?

What if that that ‘thing’ we’re waiting for doesn't come along? 

Our Lives Will Not Change

When we are too busy taking care of today, we aren't building a different tomorrow.

To bring the opportunity, the situation, that chance we want so badly we can sometimes taste it, we have to make room for it.  

Our life can’t change if we don't take the time to find our clarity and see the path of light to our dreams.  If every minute is already full, how can the new find a space to fit in?

Of course sitting around with an open calendar isn't going to do the trick either.

What if I told you having the desire alone isn’t enough….. having a vision alone isn’t enough.  These are both powerful qualities, no question, but then why are you not making the progress you want?   

Sure there's no promise that our efforts will pan out.  No guarantee any of us will reach the dizzying height of success of which we dream- but we can enjoy the journey.  

That is up to us and within our grasp. And it's our life.  The only one we can be certain we will ever have. 

18 Years from now, what will you look back on?

How many years will you be content to let your dreams dwell only in the night sky?

Let's tallk about it