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Welcome to Auspicious Wishes


Welcome to Auspicious Wishes


I always feel a certain amount of sadness when the holidays come to an end

(Maybe that’s why my decorations stay up through most of January :-)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sorry to see an end to the hustle and bustle of the winter season.  First getting ready for the holiday, then the hectic day(s) of the Holiday with that crazy, catch-up week between Christmas and New Year to take care of those must-do tasks!  I love the time with my family, friends, and community, but It’s a bit much!    

I don’t miss the craziness and high expectations throughout the rest of the year. 

What I do miss are the smiles.  People smile more. Generally speaking, people are kinder in their words and deeds.  

I miss the generosity of spirit. 

A spirit of altruism and willingness to wish for others what you may not have for yourself.

I do miss that - all through the rest of the year!

This year, one of the goals for Auspicious Fish® is to promote that spirit of goodwill for a little bit longer by sending out wishes.  Auspicious Wishes™

No matter what happens for YOU this year, know that I am here, sending good wishes to you.  

We’ll be sending one out every day for this first month of 2018, then we’ll step it down to monthly or weekly. 

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