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Auspicious Wish Day 15


Auspicious Wish Day 15

Of course today we have to take the opportunity to honor the vision and dedication of Martin Luther King, Jr.   

We are as a nation, forever in debt to his strength and courage of conviction.

Today, I wish the same for you.

I wish you a dream so big and so all-encompassing that it's a bit scary!  I wish you a dream that excites you when you dare to believe in it. 

A dream that leaves you breathless.

Of course, I also wish you the burning desire to pursue it.

Even in the darkest nights of the soul, when maybe no one believes in the dream but you- I wish you the same conviction to follow it through. 

Of course, I would wish you the good fortune to excite and entice others to follow and support you, but you know, the greatest women and men in history have often stood alone or with a very small crowd of supporters.   So instead, I wish you the fortitude to keep believing in yourself.

When You Believe in You, Everything Becomes Possible
— Linda Fredrick, Founder of Auspicious Fish