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Are You Looking to Master the Fine Art of Balance?


Are You Looking to Master the Fine Art of Balance?

Welcome to the Vernal Equinox

This is the magical day of the year when the light and dark of our days are of nearly equal length.  I say nearly equal because even Mother Nature isn't so perfect!  We do have another later in the Fall.

But the Vernal Equinox is exhilarating.  It's the signal for all of us living things to ready ourselves.  It's with a sense of joy that we embrace this time of growth under the warmer sun, with the nights still cool enough for coziness. 

It's the signal for us to prepare to work longer and harder as the days to grow longer.

NO ... WAIT,  WHAT???           

We were just talking about balance, right?

How did we end up with a conversation about working harder?

I guess it all depends on what one means by balance.

If you don't know what the definition of balance means to you, well my dear, you'll never feel it in your life.

So is balance living in harmony with your natural environment? 

If so, then that means getting out there, growing yourself, your work, your garden at this time f warmth and sun.  It'll mean getting a bit sweaty.  Things might even get a bit messy. 

Times of growth won't always be perfect.  Here or there you'll find a weed will flourishing along with the flowers- the sooner you pull that out, the better for all, but then again, sometimes that weed can turn out to be something pretty cool!


Times of growth are more work but there's more opportunity for fun in the sun as well.  And the pay off is huge.  When the calendar slips on to Autumn and Winter, you can cozy up on those long, dark evenings and enjoy the fruits of all of this Spring and Summer labor.  

Balance can look that way, with extended periods of activity, followed by periods of respite and renewal.  In nature, it does look that way!  Every day has a night, not of equal lengths, but it happens... eventually- even in the land of the midnight sun.

If you want to find your inner feng shui, you'll have to get real.  What sort of balance do you want to bring to your life? 

Most of my clients come to me seeking Work/Life balance.  What they usually want is to balance the time between their family, themselves and their work demands.  This is hard to achieve for 2 reasons. 

Reason 1- there just aren't that many hours in the day to do all 3 equally.  In order to do one, you must 'not do' the other 2.  Which brings us to....

Reason 2- People struggle to find a balance because they have competing values. One values their family over the job, but the job demands more time.  Maybe this is more pay when we do it, maybe it just means gaining favor for later.  Either might mean filling a perceived family need- Does this sound familiar?

Most people I know struggle to find time for themselves and time with their family.  They do value their personal time- but when there is a perceived family need, this is a stronger value - guess which one will win out?  I see the word 'Sacrifice' looming on the horizon.

And that is when it reaches a point of no fun and we are left feeling unbalanced.

So how do we get back to that spring fever feeling?

It starts with a vision.  Of knowing what a balanced life will look like for us, not for others.  To reach that vision, we have to examine our values and decide how honoring these will show up in our life.   We keep a sense of wonder and willingness to experiment in this process.  We engage with new ideas, try them on if we're interested,  and we keep what works.  And if it turns out to be a noxious weed, or just not right for us, we discard it.  Understanding that we don't have to keep what doesn't' feel good for us, no matter what others think.  

Now that is beginning to sound like true balance, Yes?

As always,  I'm here to help you out on that.  Scheduling a consultation is just a click away.  

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Are You Seeking a Truce with Your Body?


Are You Seeking a Truce with Your Body?

So you made changes, maybe even tried a medication and went back for your follow up health check... And still, your numbers aren't where you thought they'd be. 

Maybe your body is still throwing up warning flags, letting you know that chronic condition is hovering on the horizon. 

If your health numbers are frustrating you to the point where you feel like giving up, you're not alone!  

Many of my clients are right there with you on that feeling when they come to me.  

Cholesterol numbers, BMI's, blood glucose- it can all be so confusing.  It's no wonder your blood pressure skyrockets when you walk into the doctor's office, especially when it's just to find you didn't achieve the numbers you were shooting for, and here you go again. 

The first thing to know is that some numbers are sensitive enough to be thrown off by that one party you went two days ago. The apparent lack of movement doesn't necessarily mean the changes you made meant nothing. Take your triglycerides, for example, you can find out more about the actions that can throw those numbers off - you can check out this Web MD slideshow,  All About Triglycerides, to find out a bit more.  

The good news here is that your health numbers are actually easier to work with than you think!

 Many of my clients were struggling to reach those target goal numbers because they're trying to 'add in' a treatment to their daily life for a health flag.   When the tweaks fail to produce the results, frustration mounts and folks go to war with their health- resorting to extreme guerrilla tactics.....maybe repetitive fastings, detox cleansing, denials of all sorts as a way of punishing their body into compliance. 

I have to tell you, in the end, your body will win that war.

'So what is a winning strategy' you ask?   Step 1 is understanding what 'HEALTHY' means to you and your life overall.  Those numbers today aren't the whole picture.   

Family history, the current health numbers, your lifestyle past, and present-  all these factors come together to create the wellness you are experiencing today. 

A great Coach (like me :-)   can help you use what YOU know about YOU to envision and create a lifestyle that supports your health and wellness goals for your today and all your tomorrows.  

Wouldn't you like to know more about that?  Set up a free consultation to find out more