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We honor all the Presidents who served and tried to serve well, but I have to admit,

I tend to be partial to Theodore Roosevelt as most folks are around here.  

Most people think of Teddy as the Rough Rider and Intrepid outdoorsman who feared little, but fear itself.  But that was who the boy became throughout his journey,  

As a child he had many difficulties to overcome in the way of health problems.

 He was very nearsighted, thus the signature glasses.  His asthma attacks are reported as suffocatingly bad on many instances, and the allergies wrecked havoc on his digestion.

 All of the above added up to a boy who was a wisp of a shadow, awkard, unmuscled and with the buck teeth, probably well bullied on several occasions.

And yet, he overcame all of the above to become the l arger than life man people adored, admired and were exhausted by! 

HIs struggles weren't limited to the physical realm.  Teddy was considered to have been Hypomanic, probably Bi-Polar and unsurpassed in energy by most everyone- with the exception of his daughter, Alice.  

Yet Teddy Roosevelt found, as many folks do, Nature is the savior of Wellness and salve of the soul.  

The moral of this story, is that it truly is amazing what goals a person can accomplish, even when there are significant obstacles to overcome-

When one sets their mind to it, and gets a bit of fresh air!