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Are You Feeling Friendly with Your Universe?


Are You Feeling Friendly with Your Universe?

This sounds like an odd question to be sure.  But it's actually more important for you to take the time and consider carefully.  

And after you've considered it, act accordingly on your answer!

You see social media marketing is ever more adept at giving you the Universe you want, at least in the digital sense.  But then that carries over into the 'real world' also.

No? Don't think so? 

When was the last time you asked another, 'did you see So&So's post on ... read that article on ...?

So yes, that digital manipulation has bled into your interaction offline and with the improvement to Facebook analytics, it will do so even more.  

You see, Facebook, Google, Windows are all wonderful.  Sure they've given us so much we had no idea we wanted.  They have broadened our horizons and shown us a treasure chest that could be ours at  a click-- but they have also shown us that which we pay the most attention to.  ie, conspiracy theories, hate crimes, the worst faces of politics and the baddest behavior by the stars.  

The latter information can lead you to believe that there is great evil afoot, and let's be clear- it does nothing to promote your Resiliency or Wellbeing. 

 This will be along election season for those of us in the United States.  So it's important we get friendly with our Universe and with each other.  We will never all agree with politic or policy, but we can find our way through this together. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts below! 


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