I get it,  YOU are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself sort, which is why WRAP is right for you.

(No, we won't need hammers... probably... but we will be building a toolbox)

Wellness & Recovery Action Planning was developed by the group at the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery as a means of putting the person in control of their Wellness.

Let's think about this.  

You know your history.  You know what you've tried in the past, what worked, what didn't.   You know what advice you listen to, what motivates you, and what you tune out and turns you off.  

But most importantly, You're Open

You're open to exploring.   You have ideas about where you want to begin your exploration.  You know what methods you willing to experiment with.. (possibly).  You are open to areas where maybe you want to know more before you consider using it.  You know what you are absolutely not interested in. 

And You Know What You Need

You want a strong, proven program that can start now.  Maybe there's a sense of urgency.  Maybe something needs to change and change now.  Maybe every day is turning into a struggle, and you've been wondering how you're going to get through another today, much less tomorrow.  

Or maybe you've glimpsed what the future holds on your current path, and you decided you want something different.  Either way, you know you need a little support to the path to while you develop plan.     

But time is always ticking, so you want a way that's not too consuming.  One that can be pulled out and worked on when you want or need to.   One that's easy to change, convenient to use and easy to share with those you choose to share it with.  

Not Just Any Plan

You're thinking you've tried so much and it all works.... in the beginning.  

Yeah I know.  It's as the HoneyMoon Effect.  I understand when it's new, hopeful and most importantly, it's feels good.   But then the shine wears thin.  The effort slacks off, and soon, well soon those same feelings creep back in again and it's like little if anything ever changed. 

This Plan takes that into account  

WRAP is the plan built by you for support today, to help you grow through this year, and continue supporting growth into the next. 

What if you still like those other programs?  

Good point.  You devoted alot of time, effort and money to those.  Maybe you feel it's a shame to let them go to waste.  WRAP can even be used to help restore the honeymoon feeling to those situations, and even improve the effectiveness of those and the results you're getting with your other professional providers.     

See that's the beauty of it

The WRAP Plan method meets you where you are.  No judgements, no external values.  If you want to include a trainer, medical provider or other service professionals into the picture, the plan gives you the means to do that.  If you think you want medication supports that's up to you.    

The plan can help you support a safe, effective, informed medication plan to help address any concerns. 

Rotten days are going to happen

You're thinking how can Ior anyone else know your life, your schedule, the challenges you face.  Maybe you feel all the best 'programs' in the world are not going to keep all hell from breaking loose in your life some days.   And you're right.  I'm not going to try to tell you different.  

What I am going to tell you is..

We're going to help you develop a toolbox that can you get you through the rotten days, no matter how rough they get.   Even if you crash- there's a section of the WRAP Plan to work through it.  It can help you regain the control and self-reliance to be the 'Best Possible You'  you know is there inside, that you 've been protecting until it's safe for you to bring it out. 

Safe,   Effective,   Comfortable,   Supportive

Evidence-Based,   Internationally Used, Recognized by National Institute of Health, SAMSHA, the US Veterans Administration

What else can I tell you?

Are you looking to change your career path?  Widen your scope of services?  WRAP Seminar I satisfies most state hourly training requirements for Peer Support Training, continuing education hours for Wellness Coaching and is valuable for those working in, associated with or considering working in the Wellness, Recovery & Peer Support fields.  

Give us a call and you'll find we're happy to answer any questions about WRAP or tell you more our other services.