We support you and your employees

  • Employee Retention Program - Your employees are like family.  We know you want to support them but nothing works well when their personal issues are interfering with your daily operations.  We can help both of you chart a plan to successfully navigate these rough waters.  Contact Us for a confidential conversation. 
  • Voluntary Employee Benefit Program - We offer cost effective and completely confidential services to individuals and families who need support with life difficulties.  See our Personal Services for more information
  • Workshops - Our experienced Trainers provide a variety of workshops such as Stress Management, Bullying in the Workplace, Wellness & Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) for the Workplace, and Team Building.  Check our Events Calendar for scheduled Workshops. 
  • Speaker Services- We offer short presentations on appropriate topics.  Contact Us to discuss your needs. 
  • Emergency Action Planning (EAP) - This is an OSHA requirement if you employ more than 10 people in your business.   Our Specialists can tailor a plan for your business to support your people and your operation, and it's more affordable than you think.  Don't get caught out of compliance, Lets Talk!