• Wellness Coaching - We're trained by the Mayo Clinic in Wellness Coaching and use the Mayo Model to help you explore your wellness goals.  Our flexible hours and Location Neutral services mean we deliver services in a way and time that works for you.  Schedule Your Free Consultation and explore your options.
  • Wellness & Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) - We support you in creating your Wellness Tool Box and WRAP to address the areas in your life that you want to improve and provide follow up support.  The WRAP program consists of 8 weeks of WRAP sessions and access to the online forum.   We recommend participating in our WRAP GROUP Sessions for the best experience.  Check the Events Calendar for session dates,  but if you need individual sessions CONTACT US
  •  MUSE Meditation and Mindfulness techniques - You might want to add these tools to your Wellness Toolbox!  We provide sessions and the education to see if Muse is a good fit for you before having to invest in your own.  We provide Mindfulness Training and MUSE sessions within our Personal Coaching Program or a la carte to suit your needs.