Spring has sprung and summer is rounding the corner.

May Means Move It

That means--- eeek!--- bathing suit weather.  As a coach, I'd encourage you to focus on the stress relief of mama ocean and not on the opinions of others!

But before you HIT those workouts, make sure you're prepared!

Workouts and heat mean you have to be mindful of your hydration and sun exposure.   Too little fluids and your body is going to let you know it.  Too much and your body will let you know as well that something is amiss, though you might not quite catch what that is.   Both can lead to headaches and nausea.  

Headaches and heat are nothing to play with,  no matter how much fun you're having... or even what the score might be.  Headaches can mean trouble, especially if they come on due to heat exposure or during/after exercise. 

We'll help you develop a plan to help you build movement into your day and keep  you feeling great as you move to your goals.  Hit the button below to learn more from the Mayo Clinic hit the button from the Mayo Clinic